Quantrack Company Builder

We believe in Latin America creativity and innovative spirit. By building a new generation of technology-oriented companies we will foster innovation and well-being across the region.

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A Company builder is a company that creates its own enterprises. We start with an idea and transform it into a controled-fast growing product and, most of all, healthy business. Our companies are specialized in AI, Finance, CyberSecurity, Alternative Data, Education, and Web Development.

Quantrack AI

Apply powerful Machine Learning models to in area ranging from Finance, Marketing, Robotic Process Automation, and Social Networks Mining.


Financial executives interim management services in Latin America. Combining expertize in corporate finance and technology to improve customer's efficiency.

Quantrack Web

Web Development services in local markets and nearshoring services for Canada. Specialized in Progressive Web App development.

Quantrack Lab

Leverage talent diversity in Tech to scale social impact in Latin America. The Nonprofit Organization focused on Open-Source projects, Networking Events & Peer Learning.

Our Team

Board of Direction
Albert Venant
CFO at Quantrack Company Builder

Corporate Finance Professional. 7 years of experience as Financial Controller in LATAM. Expert in International Finance. Master’s degree from Université Paris I La Sorbonne.

Arnaud Thevenet
CEO at Quantrack Company Builder

Business Intelligence Professional. Master´s degree in Corporate Finance from Neoma Business School Paris. Former member of Coverage team at Natixis IB in Paris and M&A associate.

Neil A.
CTO at Quantrack Company Builder

PhD(c) at UCL. Machine Learning Engineer. Double Master's from top-tier French Grandes Ecoles. Extensive professional experience in deploying machine learning in production.